Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Corner View--Twilight--Mt. Fuji

My friend Cai took these photos on our way down the mountain.
Looking at them now, I see the characteristic line of Mt. Fuji,
and can`t quite figure out how we could see that view when we were `On` that view.
I think its part of the amazing mountain and how it reveals itself in  mysterious ways!!
Going down the mountain is also `fushigii` (不思議)(wonder-ous).
We were reallly thrilled to see twilight  from Mt. Fuji.
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ai ♡kawarazu jgy

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Morning Glory and Sunflower and Psalm 143

Dear Lord,

All my posts are letters to you.
You show your Glory all day through!
Thank you for the sunflower, planted for my mom Jane, it opened!
And the first morning glory opened just the next day,
so there they are, the two of them, looking towards the sun.
Like you say through David in Psalm 143,
the morning brings word of your unfailing Love.

When I woke up this morning and saw those two blooming,
I heard those words of David spoken.
And then in the early evening, the morning glory was still radiating your Glory, and the moon appeared out of the blue.
Thank you for speaking to us through your word and through your creation,
let us sing your praises for this glorious day!


Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love,
For I have put my trust in you.      ---Psalm 143:8


           ー詩編 143:8


Friday, July 24, 2015

Morning after Mt. Fuji

It was the morning after the first time I climbed Mt. Fuji... I was so full of joy for having climbed the great mountain...
I took my pink streamer and went into Shinjuku Central Park...
I wanted to thank the Lord
and share my joy.


レンゾさん達ありがとうございました。 コンビのTOP BOYの成功をお祈りします!

 Introducing Renzo , blessings to him and his up and coming combi, Top Boy.

music:  Life Begins, by John Fluker
From the album THE SOUND OF PEACE

`Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord,
to the temple of the God of Jacob.`   ---Micah 4:2

 ai ♡kawarazu 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Corner View-- A trilogy in Overgrown

!. Our apartment is getting too small for the sleepovers!  
Last night seven of Y`s high school friends came in single file to stay the night, the first day of summer vacation.  The guests have overgrown our accommodations, but they seemed to have fun even packed into one room for sleeping:) 

!!.  The morning glory is growing over the top of the trellis my husband made , and is growing towards and around our laundry lines on the verandah!

!!!.  The Yukatta is one size to fit all frames.  It appears to be overgrown as it is taller than most anyone who wears it, however its specialness is that it is one size fits all and by gathering the fabric up to your own size and tying some under-strings and then the Obi, it will be perfectly sized to all sizes.
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ai kawarazu♡ jgy

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Corner View--Morning Heavenly Heights

Morning Light---Majestic Mt Fuji from the window of 6AM bus from Tokyo

Heavenly Heights!  Above the clouds on Mt. Fuji.

After 16 years living in Japan,  I climbed up Mt. Fuji! Thank you Lord I never could have done the climb up Mt. Fuji without you and my wonderful `armor-bearer` friend.  You favored us with perfect weather.  You made it possible that I could go up with no gear, only the flags and some onigiri and nuts in my pocket,  carrying water and a few other basics tied around my waist!!  Thank you that we could enjoy such a heavenly day and proclaim your Glory, from morning light... to heavenly heights!! 

Come, Let us go up to the Mountain of the Lord, 
to the temple of the God of Jacob.  --Micah 4:22 




--- ミカ 4:22

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Corner View--Routine

In Japan, high school students need to bring their lunch to school.  Since Y entered High School this spring (in Japan the school year starts in April), a new part of my routine has been to prepare her BENTO* each day. 
Most mothers make the bento in the morning but I make it at night, sometimes when Y is already sleeping!  I enjoy doing it because High School is a time of `oya-banare` (separating from family), and somehow making her bento is a way to stay connected these teenage years.  As she opens her lunch I hope she will feel nourished by the little specially prepared `o-kazu`s (small side dishes) and rice.

to break up the routine, try making sausages into hearts and cutting letters and shapes out of nori (dried seaweed)!

This weeks Corner View theme is Routine.  One challenge when I think of routine is how do we keep something we do everyday interesting and filled with love?
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*BENTO  means Japanese style lunch box, and usually includes several small side dishes and rice and arranged in a `Bento Box` to take on the go for school, work, or picnic outings;  sandwiches and bread are also sometimes used in bentos, as the variations are endless
ai ♡kawarazu  

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Corner View--Paths

My daughter Y is in her first year at High School.  Today I went on a bus tour that was for the mothers of High School students to see some of the colleges in our area as our `kids` are preparing for what PATH they will be taking after graduation. At the moment Y prefers to get a job right away.  Even though she is not planning to go to college,  I wanted to go just to see what they are like.

This photo is from the day in Ohori Park in Fukuoka, the same day as the heron post below.  I love the path there that wraps around the lake, and those swan boats always make me feel nostalgic.  Thank you so much for all your comments last week, I was excited to find out there are so many heron lovers around the world!

About paths, one other thing as you all know me so well, can you guess what I want to do when I come upon a new path or even an old well-traveled path?!  Yes, you guessed it, I will dance!! 

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Corner View---Monochrome, A surprise sighting in a field of green

 On a day trip to Fukuoka to go to the American Embassy,  I was surprised to see 
 so much of one color--green! right in the middle of city.
And in the center of the green, another surprise.

Can you see them there, far across in the trees ?


It`s a heron`s nest!
Three baby herons almost ready to fly.
Their gray feathers
in a field of green
 caught my eye

 And there is the mom, taking a rest...then
see how she flies, back to the nest! 

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ai ♡kawarazu 






Monday, June 22, 2015

Happy Fathers Day and Flag expressions

In my worship dance training, I am learning about using flags in worship and the meaning of all the colors.  Purple means royalty, King, and Majesty.  When I stopped in front of these purple hydrangeas to park my bicycle, I couldn`t help but be taken by their majesty.  

Happy Fathers Day Heavenly Father and  to all the earthly fathers too!
ai♡ kawarazu

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Corner View--Paper (on the) Airplane


After not drawing for a long time,
recently I have begun to draw again.

I am enjoying making  postcards. I have a whole postcard file full of them.  I started by drawing flowers in my room when I do my morning prayer.  I would draw the flowers and then often was inspired to add a verse from scripture.  I started giving them to people in my days and then learned about something called prophetic drawing, where our drawings done and co-created with the Holy Spirit can have blessing for other people and also help us see how God is seeing in a situation.  I started carrying around a zip-lock bag with colored pencils and either a clip board with copy paper if my bag is big enough, or just a regular note pad.  It`s fun to draw again, and makes new adventures starting from a piece of PAPER.

This story is a recent drawing adventure that started when I was on an ANA airplane recently (you know about my trip home to US).  I started drawing, intrigued by the zig-zag pattern on the seats,  and the sky out the window.  I felt the Holy Spirit was in the empty seat in the next aisle, playing around with me.  Lately I call him H.S. Sama (Holy Spirit Sama, which is an honorific for Mr. Holy Spirit) as he seems to appear when I am on buses and trains and likes to play this creative game where he shows me fun relationships and ways he sees, as He pops in and out of the space getting bigger and smaller, well, etc.

Two unexpected things happened from there (unexpected things always happen when you engage with Holy Spirit!).  First, at least three stewardesses stopped by my seat to look at my drawing, it made them smile. The next unexpected thing was that they started giving me things!! First one stewardess gave me a  stack of postcards of ANA airplane images. One was of the new and not yet released into the sky Pokemon plane she thought I would enjoy for the playful drawing painted on the plane.  Then another stewardess came and gave me sparkling heart stickers.  A whole sheet of stickers! And a pack of candies.  The next gift was an inflatable little toy plane that they usually give to kids!! (When I told this story later to my daughter, she said, `maybe they thought you were a kid!`...`Maybe!` I said)

The stewardess who gave me the toy plane hinted that maybe I would like to draw on it, like the postcard image.  I asked her for a yu-sei pen (permanent magic marker) which she ran back and got for me right away.  So I started drawing my new character, Holy Spirit Sama, on one side and then when I turned it over on the back, wondering what to draw, I looked up out the window... and.... this is the best and most wonderful part of the story---I saw Mt. Fuji !  It appeared like it was just floating in the clouds, placed in the center of the view, just popping in to the view for me!! It was the most amazing and spirited view of Mt. Fuji.  I quickly drew in its contours on my little inflatable plane, and with that finished my drawing!!

I blew up the little  plane and admired it as I looked out the window at Tokyo harbor.  I was  so happy at  meeting with Mt. Fuji, and watched the place it where it disappeared into the fog as the plane came into Tokyo harbor.  When the plane landed in Tokyo, I gave the stewardesses the inflatable toy plane with my drawing on it, and  a drawing  from my postcard file.  We all exchanged a smile in thanks for the fun adventure of how from a piece of paper, a great story of meeting occured!

Holy Spirit Sama and Me playing on paper on the airplane!
Happy day to you and may we return to finding the magic that is brought to life from  a piece of PAPER!!

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