Thursday, October 9, 2014

A second story of a Butterfly meeting


The story of my love for the tiger chestnut butterfly continues.
I know some of you will be happy to hear that!

A little background about the Tiger Chestnut butterflies.
They are called Asagimadera アサギマデラ  in Japanese.
These migratory butterflies leave from their `home` in Okinawa every year in the spring and travel north making stops in different places in Japan on their way north to Hokkaido where they spend the hot summer months.

One of their stopping places is here in Oita.  They stop on an island called Himeshima, where they can find fujibakama, a flower whose scent they adore.  So I made a trip with a friend in the spring to Himeshima where I heard you can see hundreds of these butterflies during their migration.  It turned out they had just left the day we got there, but I was lucky to see ONE tiger chestnut butterfly who for some reason lagged behind.  I sensed some kind of destiny as if he or she remained just so I could see her!!  (why else would just ONE remain?!)

It was a beautiful day that day on Himeshima, and I wasn`t disappointed that the 100`s of butterflies had flown away, as I was just so happy to have seen that one.  I decided though that I would return in the fall to try again to see the migration when they return to the south and stop here in Oita again.

Fast forward to today.  I was with two friends on a day trip to visit a shrine in Kagoshima, a 3 hour drive from where I live, nothing to do with butterflies.  We got a little lost and my friend pulled into a Daily Yamazaki convenience store to confirm the location of the shrine we were headed for. 


I noticed something unusual on the outside of the convenience store, there was a poster with a big picture of an Asagimadera butterfly, with words that said that this type of migratory butterflies have been known to come to this store.  I must say it seemed a little unusual, almost as if the poster was there for me! is a photo of the poster that attracted me:


I don`t think any of my friends noticed it, and I saw it as some kind of message, to remind me that it was that time of year when the  butterflies will be coming this way again.  An unexpected surprise to see such a poster at all, and seeing it on the outside of a convenience store on this road that we stopped for directions was a little like seeing something out of a dream made for me. 

Before we got back in the car, I noticed a TOMARE on the road, so I asked my friends if they wouldn`t mind if I just STOPPED there for a bit.  As you know I like to stop on Tomares whenever I see one!!  THen the amazing thing happened.  As I was standing on the TOMARE a real live Asagimadera flew right in front of my eyes!!  I couldn`t believe my eyes, yet I was SURE it was an Asagimadera.  I tried to follow her but she flew out of view.  

when I stopped on a tomare, the amazing thing happened!  An asagimadera butterfly flew right in front of my eyes!!

I ran in and told the shopkeeper, as I knew from the poster that she would be interested to know this.  She said, wow, that is the first one that anyone has spotted this fall!  They must be returning to Oita!
She asked if it was still there and I said no, but then when we were going to get back in the car, I saw it again, and I screamed for joy, and started flying around with her (yes, the butterfuly) and danced with her in the parking lot.  It was wonderful.   I screamed to my friends to go and tell the shopkeeper!

The shopkeeper came out and everyone was thrilled and we all took pictures and I continued to dance with the Asagimadera.

I had seen the last one of the butterflies in the spring, and the first one to return in the fall.
I feel a completeness in this cycle, and perhaps this year is not my year to see the hundreds,
but rather to be fully grateful for the chance to meet that spectacular ONE!!

ai♡ kawarazu 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Corner View--Rock and Contrast --in progress!

Tremble, earth, at the presence of the Lord...
who turned the rock into a pool,
the hard rock into springs of water.
Psalm 114:7-8

Combining two weeks of Corner View, (themes of `contrast` and `rock`)

I wrote Post in Progress, as I too am in Progress!
Lots of Love, and Hope to see you soon!!

Hi around the world to friends near and far, and to all at Corner View!
Thank you Francesca for hosting, Jane for founding


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Japan--rhymes with lamb! Drawing Challenge(D)

rhymes with
and sometimes

There`s A drawing challenge at Nadine`s ♥heart-full place this weekend.  
The theme is Japan.  As Japan is one of my favourite countries that starts with a `J` (and where I live too:)),  I decided to take the challenge, and  my little Lamb and I came up with the above!

The photos are taken at Haneda airport, in Tokyo,  The little lamb who I brought back from my travels this summer to America, and I were watching the planes and the passing clouds, while waiting for our plane to Oita .

 The clouds looked fluffy like the lamb and in the drawing they became in the shape of the map of Japan!

`  I once had a fixed image of what I thought Japan to be.  And that image has disappeared or floated away like passing clouds…shebang!

And for you all who came all the way here to JAPAN to see my drawing, Here is a little song for you In honour of the theme and drawing, Japan, and …lambs!

ai♡ baa♡ kawarazu

Please visit the drawing challengers this week for a special view of JAPAN drawn from around the world. Thank you for the chance to join in !  patriceveronicajoannestefaniebarbaratanïasusannearianesabinekristenrobertoericleenatammiesustomoko,manoyoko, j-girl☺,

For more of  JAPAN, please visit my Joanne`s Dance Walk Japan channel on You tube!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Central Park Dance Walk Joanne and Michiru

This summer on my first day of a visit to New York City I met a friend from Fukuoka, Japan who was on her last day of a trip in New York City.  We had hoped to be able to meet and it just worked out that we could.  Michiru is a butoh dancer *.  Butoh is an expressive form of Japanese dance that has no rules or fixed form.  We decided to do a `dance walk` together while we were both in New York, and this is what resulted.  It became combination of butoh and dance walk, as we each responded to each others movements and to the monument in Central Park that is called Cleopatra`s Needle.  We had the idea to go near Cleopatras needle, and when we got in viewing distance of it we saw that it is under construction.  The `dance` became our experience of stopping there at that spot.  Can you sense a dialogue between us and the monument?  Please enjoy the video, ( there are some funny and splendid moments!*) and our new form of expression in our Central Park Dance Walk!**

How has your summer been?  Happy to `see` you again after a bit of a hiatus!  Enjoy the last days of August in whatever season you are in.

**filmed by KenYa,
thank you Michiru (*Michiru`s Butoh Movement improvisation can be found HERE) and thank you KenYa!

Please join me for a dance walk in Japan, let me know where you would like to meet! or visit my Joanne`s Dance Walk Japan channel on You tube!!
ai♡ kawarazu  

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Corner View--Inner Child

 Daizenfu Tenmangu Shrine,

Help your inner child to the flavour/color of your choice!

Mine choose Ume pink.  

Corner View, Inner Child, start

Thank you Francesca for hosting, Jane for founding, and ANNA for the theme.…this weeks theme is inner child~
ai♡ kawarazu 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Corner View--Replace

Replace some of the milk in your morning pancake recipe with Mattcha Latte (Green Tea and Milk)
for a  summery Wa-Fu* breakfast treat!

和風=Wa Fu=
green tea pancake 

the pancake batter, with a little of matcha latte added,
looks like real Matcha Green Tea!!
Japanese Style!

Who`s  replacing what with what?  Find out at this weeks Corner View!
Thank you Francesca for hosting, Jane for founding, and ANNA for the theme.…this weeks theme is replace~. ai ♡
kawarazu JGY

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Corner View ^^^Growth~~~at the Nataraja field

I`ve been coming to this field now for some time, I called it `my` Nataraja Field`at the Oita River, you may remember some of my story, or even seen some of the video…I`ve been dancing there in a kind of prayer for the adjacent site has become a major construction site and I feel for the grass and the earth with all the digging and constructing.  Last time I was there I kissed a flower, one flower on a barren field.

  When I returned the other day and saw a whole field of wild orange sunny flowers have sprung up I could`t help but feeling that kiss, that dance, had something to do with all the growth!!  Look how the flowers are growing their way between the chairs, in a full circle around the tire in the centre, and filling the site with their radiance…kiss a flower near you and see what happens, you may even start believing in urban fairytales like I do:))

"God provides for these guys even though they do no work. How much more does He provide for us!"
--Ray Grodin 
(added this quote  which was speaking about a  field of wildflowers like the one above!  Thanks Ray !)

 Visit Corner View this week, the theme is Growth…

ai♡  kawarazu


Thank you Francesca for hosting, Jane for founding, and  COLE for the theme.…this weeks theme is growth~.
PS You can see that kiss if you click here, its kind of wild to have that photo (thanks to a corner view last fall) and then to see the same spot above with all the new growth.  Corner view is a nourishing place too where we can grow and share our personal journey stories xox

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Corner View--Gift

Today is a gift
whose gifts keep on giving
I pass my childhood flowers
returning every year
on this busy road
They don`t seem to care
what`s speeding by around them
They grow towards sky
Smile to us as we pass by
Return to earth and
do it all again

Flowers on the city streets are a gift !  These orange and yellow flowers  I have grown to know and love them, I call them my colors of my childhood flowers for some nostalgic reasons, and it seems a miracle to see them again as they return this time around each year !!  ai♡kawarazu jgy

Partake in the pleasure of  gifts from around the world at this weeks Corner View.
Thank you Francesca for hosting, Jane for founding, and  Anna for the theme.…this weeks theme is gift~.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Corner View--1 year ago, 5 years ago, a story of Baptism and Dance

One year ago…

I never would have imagined that I`d be baptised.
I came to Japan seeking `Eastern` ways, a culture far from my own, was attracted to Zen, and almost went to India last winter on a spiritual journey…when all of a sudden, seemingly out of nowhere, came the call to attend Church!

 One thing led to another and my Baptism took place on March 31st just a few months ago.  In true Oita style, I was immersed in the family bath at a hot springs bath (onsen) near where I live,  in the presence of some close `family` members of our Oita international church.

Five years ago…

 I never would have imagined that my life would bring me to dance.
I never danced or even thought of dancing.  Me?  Dance?  no correlation.   I remember seeing a post on Janes blog (our CV founder!) about how she loved to dance in her room, and I though wow, how wonderful to it would be to feel that free.  I remember that being so foreign to me to dance in my room, and that dance itself was not even in my adult vocabulary.  Not long after that the `call` to dance came to me seemingly out of no where.   I had no intention to be a yoga dance teacher but somehow at the last minute signed up for the Shake Your Soul teacher training at Kripalu.  The the rest of my dance story is, I think, history (her story),  as you all know I can`t stop dancing and dance everywhere in my everyday life since then!

The moral of this story is truly, we really never know!! The things that call us take us by surprise, don`t they?!

 I`m feeling a call to put these two loves together in something I just found out exists called worship dance and prophetic dance.  Its completely new to me and yet I feel ready to find the way in to dance for God.  Does anyone have any experience with prophetic dance?  I`d be happy to hear if you have met with it in any way on your journeys!

And writing this post I found this site of worshipdance , can you picture me like this in one year from now?!!

Show forth the praises of Him who hath called you out of darkness into His marvellous light."  I Peter 2:9b  

What has 1 year and 5 years mean for you?  Happy Corner Viewing!
Thank you Francesca for hosting, Jane for founding, and  Cole for the theme.…this weeks theme is one year ago, five years ago~.

ai♡ kawarazu

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