Monday, March 9, 2015

Heaven from the Sky and on Earth

 I flew to Sendai this past weekend, that is a trip all the way from the south of Japan to fairly far North, the most North I have ever been in Japan.  It is the area where the big earthquake and tsunami hit almost exactly 4 years ago today (March 11, 2011).  I went for a conference whose theme was Resilient Tohoku and the symbol was Rainbows of hope.

At the cabaret, as part of the gala evening`s program,  three of us did worship dance with flags, to a song by Francesca Battistelli called Choose to Love.  We welcomed others  to join in, and the best part was as we got going, some did!  There were lots of other acts of love and kindness and there was joy throughout the weekend.  Kari, Vicki, and I called our group the Living Rainbows.

                                                                                                                                                                  We also did an improvised dance with flags and Kari`s bamboo sticks at Akiu, an onsen spot where we went for a day trip. 

 God released heavenly skies for the plane ride home---  rainbow colors and his purple Majesty! A nod that he had been with us, watching and bathing us in his presence the whole time.
Wishing you a week filled with rainbows and blessings for all, with prayers for Tohoku.

ai♡ kawarazu

Friday, March 6, 2015

Girls Girls Girls

We bring out our display of dolls for `Girls Day` (Hina Matsuri) each year. 
This year it is also Y`s graduation from Jr. High School.  Today was her graduation!

 Now it is still the period called `ju-ken` where students wait to find out what high school they get into after months of studying for the big entrance tests.   Y still has one test to go.  Even though High School starts in a few weeks, she is one of many students who still don`t know yet where they will be going!

She took a break from studying for our at home girls day dinner.  I am getting pretty good at making  chirashi sushi, clam soup, and sakura mochi, the girls day special foods.   I started trying to make them years ago, and get to `practice` each year.  So we enjoyed a traditional Girls Day colorful feast!

Even though its a big deal to take the big boxes out of the closets to set up the dolls display each year (they only are out on display for a week or so), I am beginning to like it more and more each year.  Maybe because Y is growing up and as she quickly goes back to her studies and the world of her friends, I recognize the preciousness of having a girl at home to celebrate with. 

Pink Peach blossom and yellow Nanohana are the flowers of girls day

This year Heart-shaped chirashi and clam soup!

Y only allows me to take her picture from the back.

Sakura Mochi-I still need practice, but it tastes good!!

Happy Girls Day to all!  
ai ♡kawarazu

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Corner View--Love in this Corner

Home-made Happy Set
Even the buns
are made with Love!


Happy almost Valentines Day!!  Love in corners around the world can be found at this weeks Corner View. Thank you Francesca for hosting, Jane for founding, and Kari! for the theme this week, Love in your corner.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Corner View- Rainbow Mt. Fuji poem

R-O-Y -G. -B - I - V
rainbow stripes
for Mt. Fu-ji

This week`s Corner View theme is a poem
Thank you Francesca for hosting, Jane for founding, and... me and Ibabe ! for the theme.
amazingly and without knowing it, Ibabe and I, who were joined together for the theme by Francesca`s intuition,
both posted Hokusai images of Mt. Fuji! 

ai♡ kawarazu

Monday, January 26, 2015

Corner View---My Dream Walk

         To walk by the side of the Lord and gaze on his beauty all the days of my life.
                                                          To seek him in his dwelling, to dance for him...

and make music for the lord!

                                      -- from Psalm 27

Taking steps towards my dream,
I have officially begun a year long training in Dancing for Him.
Its so exciting to meet beautiful spirits all over the world who are doing worship dance, a new world that has opened up to me in the past year.  The photos above are taken in Kunisaki at an art installation by Tadashi Kawamata (Kibe Project) which was part of the Kunisaki Art Festival. 

This week`s Corner View theme is Sushi...I mean, dream walk!
Thank you Francesca for hosting, Jane for founding, and Nadine N♥ for the theme.
ai♡ kawarazu

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sushi Magic

 Like the loaves and then the fish
Sushi first was just one dish
and then it multiplied!

This week`s Corner View theme is Sushi...I mean, favorite plate!
Thank you Francesca for hosting, Jane for founding, and Nadine N♥ for the theme.
ai♡ kawarazu

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hatsu Corner View--Twinkle

Rise, sun
The clouds are
the Lamb

That`s my first (`hatsu`) poem of the new year! 

In Japan it is a tradition on the New Year to watch the first sunrise of the year on January 1st,

初日の出=Hatsu hi no de (pronounced =hot-su-he-no-day)=first sunrise.

The prefix `hatsu` means `first` and gets attached to all new experiences in the new year, such as first sunrise, first dream, first shrine visit, first sales at the stores, and then we use it for any and all first experiences!

We go every New Year`s to Hotojima, the fishing island where my husband is from and where his family lives.  This year it was a dramatic first sunrise, as we had an unusual `white New Year` with snow, big waves and Lamb-like clouds.  The third picture is taken at basically the same time as the other two, it is amazing how the effects of the sun are so different taken from the same spot but in a different direction.  I love how the sunrise twinkled radiant ripples on the ocean.

This years first Corner View theme of the year is `twinkle`.  Enjoy your `hatsu-corner-view` and many wonderful firsts of the year!!
Thank you Francesca for hosting, Jane for founding, and Nadine N♥ for the theme.

ai♡ kawarazu

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy Year of the Lamb!

It`s the year of the Lamb!
Happy New Year!
Love and Blessings to you in 2015!

ai♡ kawarazu jgy

Saturday, December 27, 2014

the dancing Gingerbread post

Making a year in gingerbread has become my tradition over the years.
Its one of the things I started in my first years in Japan when I got homesick for certain foods that are particularly American.  Even though when I lived in America I never had gingerbread cookies and  never had such a tradition at all! I wonder where the idea came from, but I do know that when Y was about 2 I decided we`d have an American holiday and somehow that meant baking gingerbread cookies.  At that time we didn`t even have an oven, so our first gingerbread baking was a fun and festive time as we brought the dough to a friends house and she supplied the oven and some happy helpers to decorate shape and try our first round of gingerbread!!

The rest is gingerbread history. The dough that once made a dozen now makes maybe close to 100!  It stretches and grows and dances and the cast of characters too has expanded to include the Holy family, Olaf, butoh dancers (the batch of gingerbread butoh dancers were eaten before I remembered to photograph them!), worship dancers, angels,  sheep (this new year will be the year of the sheep!), three kings, David (biblical dancer and King!), butterflies and of course dancing Santas.

The recipe is Melissa`s Gingerbread Cookies from Martha Stewart`s Christmas Cookbook.

My jgy secret variations are two:  1.  I use fresh grated ginger instead of the powdered ginger, and , 2.  I make them dance!! Enjoy!!

Love and Merry Christmas and a beautiful joy-filled season to all!

                                                                         thank you!
ai kawarazu♡ jgy                                                                            Arigatoo  by Y!

May visions of gingerbread dance in your head as the last days of 2014 roll out!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Corner View--In my Birthday Suit

It`s my birthday eve!...
The girl on the edge of her cup*
and me at the edge of two years
invite you to take with us
 a bath party with bubbles and cheers!

May you be showered with blessings and your bath overflow with Love as you visit around the world at this weeks Corner View!
Thank you Francesca for hosting, Jane for founding, and Nadine N♥ for the theme.{bathroom or shower room}

*コップのフチ子 = Cup no Fuchi-ko  = Girl on the edge of her cup
ai kawarazu

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