Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Corner View---Monochrome, A surprise sighting in a field of green

 On a day trip to Fukuoka to go to the American Embassy,  I was surprised to see 
 so much of one color--green! right in the middle of city.
And in the center of the green, a surprise.

Can you see them there, far across in the trees ?


It`s a heron`s nest!
Three baby herons almost ready to fly.
Their gray feathers
in a field of green
 caught my eye 

 And there is the mom, taking a rest...then
see how she flies, back to the nest! 

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ai ♡kawarazu 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Happy Fathers Day and Flag expressions

In my worship dance training, I am learning about using flags in worship and the meaning of all the colors.  Purple means royalty, King, and Majesty.  When I stopped in front of these purple hydrangeas to park my bicycle, I couldn`t help but be taken by their majesty.  

Happy Fathers Day Heavenly Father and  to all the earthly fathers too!
ai♡ kawarazu

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Corner View--Paper (on the) Airplane


After not drawing for a long time,
recently I have begun to draw again.

I am enjoying making  postcards. I have a whole postcard file full of them.  I started by drawing flowers in my room when I do my morning prayer.  I would draw the flowers and then often was inspired to add a verse from scripture.  I started giving them to people in my days and then learned about something called prophetic drawing, where our drawings done and co-created with the Holy Spirit can have blessing for other people and also help us see how God is seeing in a situation.  I started carrying around a zip-lock bag with colored pencils and either a clip board with copy paper if my bag is big enough, or just a regular note pad.  It`s fun to draw again, and makes new adventures starting from a piece of PAPER.

This story is a recent drawing adventure that started when I was on an ANA airplane recently (you know about my trip home to US).  I started drawing, intrigued by the zig-zag pattern on the seats,  and the sky out the window.  I felt the Holy Spirit was in the empty seat in the next aisle, playing around with me.  Lately I call him H.S. Sama (Holy Spirit Sama, which is an honorific for Mr. Holy Spirit) as he seems to appear when I am on buses and trains and likes to play this creative game where he shows me fun relationships and ways he sees, as He pops in and out of the space getting bigger and smaller, well, etc.

Two unexpected things happened from there (unexpected things always happen when you engage with Holy Spirit!).  First, at least three stewardesses stopped by my seat to look at my drawing, it made them smile. The next unexpected thing was that they started giving me things!! First one stewardess gave me a  stack of postcards of ANA airplane images. One was of the new and not yet released into the sky Pokemon plane she thought I would enjoy for the playful drawing painted on the plane.  Then another stewardess came and gave me sparkling heart stickers.  A whole sheet of stickers! And a pack of candies.  The next gift was an inflatable little toy plane that they usually give to kids!! (When I told this story later to my daughter, she said, `maybe they thought you were a kid!`...`Maybe!` I said)

The stewardess who gave me the toy plane hinted that maybe I would like to draw on it, like the postcard image.  I asked her for a yu-sei pen (permanent magic marker) which she ran back and got for me right away.  So I started drawing my new character, Holy Spirit Sama, on one side and then when I turned it over on the back, wondering what to draw, I looked up out the window... and.... this is the best and most wonderful part of the story---I saw Mt. Fuji !  It appeared like it was just floating in the clouds, placed in the center of the view, just popping in to the view for me!! It was the most amazing and spirited view of Mt. Fuji.  I quickly drew in its contours on my little inflatable plane, and with that finished my drawing!!

I blew up the little  plane and admired it as I looked out the window at Tokyo harbor.  I was  so happy at  meeting with Mt. Fuji, and watched the place it where it disappeared into the fog as the plane came into Tokyo harbor.  When the plane landed in Tokyo, I gave the stewardesses the inflatable toy plane with my drawing on it, and  a drawing  from my postcard file.  We all exchanged a smile in thanks for the fun adventure of how from a piece of paper, a great story of meeting occured!

Holy Spirit Sama and Me playing on paper on the airplane!
Happy day to you and may we return to finding the magic that is brought to life from  a piece of PAPER!!

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Corner View--Together--a Butterfly story

Today`s Corner View theme is together, and first just to say I am happy to be together in these weekly meetings with such special  blogfriends from around the world!!
This week I would like to share a story about butterflies.
I get very excited in this season when I see butterflies.   To me spring and butterflies go together.
Asagimadara are migratory butterflies who travel over ocean thousands of kilometers on a journey from the south to the north of Japan, beginning their journey in around May or June and then returning again in the fall.

To see hundreds of them together in one place is something I have always wanted to do since I saw  ONE asagimadera last spring for the first time.   This year I was pretty sure I wouldn`t be able to see them, but at the last minute I felt called to go to Himeshima, the island a day trip away from where I live, where they stop and can be seen on their journey north.

It was togetherness, though each of us had our separate purpose.  The butterflies were busy flitting from flower to flower for the nourishing and sweet nectar,  while my purpose was purely to be near them and dance with them.  I could breath in their fragrance as I waved my flags!

I believe it was divine timing that also brought me together with the butterflies in that day.   I would be flying to America from Japan to see my mom for the last time on this earth the following day.  I was sure she would wait for me , and was already on my way in my heart to meet her.   And yet although I wasn`t on time to meet her before she took her last breath, as I was in the sky (on the plane going to her),  I truly feel we were together in the spirit of those wonderful butterflies who dance between heaven and earth.

ai ♡kawarazu 

I ♡アサギマダラ





この日のタイミングは不思議なタイミングだと思いました。神様がその日私とチョウチョウを一緒になって欲しかったと思います。 その二日後、アメリカへ行く予定でした.母と最後の出会い、この地球で。確かに母は私を待っててくれると思っていました。心のなかで母の傍に行く旅でした。最後の息を吸う前に会いたかった 。でも、間に合わなかったのです。飛行機に乗った時、まだ待ているのだと思っていたけど、 母は天国へ行く旅を初めてしまった時、私は空にいました。もしかしたらチョウが踊ったのは、私と母が天国と地球の間で心を結びつけるために姫島に呼んだのかも。。。

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Sunflowers from Heaven


           To add to the post below, I wanted to share that my mom loved Sunflowers.  At her funeral and since then we have been telling people about that, and had the idea to hand out sunflower seeds to ask people who knew her to plant in her memory.  Or to think of her when you see a sunflower.
Since then, even friends who didn`t know her have told us that they are planting sunflowers for her,  in Japan too.  Praise the Lord that she will continue to live on in these radiant flowers.

Yesterday in my apartment here in Japan, I got a ring at the doorbell. It was a delivery man with a huge tall box, he said it was flowers.  I saw they came from New York.  The name of the sender was Japanese.  How sweet!  It was from Natsumi!

Natsumi is a friend many of you know from Corner View.  She and I met right her on our blogs!! She is from Kyushuu and moved to New York  just about the same time I moved from New York to Kyushuu.  We met  for the first time on the internet through Corner View when we realized we knew the places well that each other were writing about!!  One summer on my visit to NY (how many years ago?? At least 6, 7, 8?!) Natsumi and I arranged to meet in the East Village, and since then we have become like family to each other.  Natsumi knew my mom from those visits when my daughter and I came to NY in summers, and right away they shared a love of flowers.  Whenever Natsumi visited my mom, she always brought  beautiful flowers for my mom--tulips, roses, and even though they were `picked` from a deli-stand on one of the corners of her NY neighborhood, they always had an extra special radiance that was from Natsumi`s love.  I realize now, Natsumi and my mom both shared that special elegance and love of beauty. 

When I opened the sunflowers here in Japan that miraculously arrived from New York with a note from Natsumi, tears came to my eyes.  I saw a light that came from my mom as she must be now, in heaven.   Radiant.   I loved having their light in our home, and I felt Jesus was giving her a new life,  restoring  her to the time of her perfect and impeccable beauty.  He was showing me how full of light she is now, and how she is amongst the things she loved, becoming new in her spirit, and truly sending this light down to tell us.

The next thing that happened was that now that I have sunflowers in my entranceway, I realized that she has passed on to me her great love of sunflowers.  I have a feeling you might see more and more sunflowers in my home!!

Thank you Natsumi!
Thank you Jesus!

Love and sunflowers,
 Radiant renewal and
restoration to all,

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Corner View-Meeting and Parting

When I choose this theme,  `meeting and parting`, it was a few weeks ago and I had been thinking of divine choreography.  I recently learned that one  thing to think about when doing a duet, is that you don`t want the two people to be too far away from each other on the stage, because the audience won`t know where to look and the dance becomes too fragmented.  Thus, meeting and parting is a choreography technique where you have the two people separate and then they come back together again.

I hadn`t realized when I chose the theme that I would be parting with my mom in this week and so soon.  She passed away this past week on May 23rd.  She was very peaceful when she parted this world.   I was with my family in NY for a beautiful time of meeting and saw relatives we hadn`t seen in many years.

                                                                I dedicate a dance in progress (photos above, my first short choreographed dance for my worship dance training)  to my Mom, Jane Covell.  It is a duet I did with my friend Venus to the Psalm 23 in Hebrew.   When I choose the song for my dance I never thought I would be hearing it for my mom a short time later (Psalm 23 was read by the rabbi at my mom`s funeral),  and yet her illness was long and surely now she is resting and peaceful with God`s rod and staff to comfort her.    May my mom` s love and beauty continue to bless our lives and the lives of many.  I pray she makes lots of new friends as she goes on the next part of her journey.

May my mom` s love and beauty continue to bless our lives and the lives of many,
 Psalm 23

The Lord is my shepherd, I lack 
He makes me lie down in green pastures,
he leads me beside quiet waters,
he refreshes my soul.
He guides me along the right paths
for his name`s sake.
Even though I walk 
through the darkest valley,
I will fear no evil,
for you are with me; 
your rod and your staff,
they comfort me.

You prepare a table before me
in the presence of my enemies,
You anoint my head with oil;
my cup overflows.
Surely your goodness and love will follow me
all the days of my life,
and I will dwell in the house of the Lord

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ai♡ kawarazu

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Corner View--Sunshine!

It was a fine day for Earth Day!  Thank you Lord!  The earth and all of creation was sparkling in the sunshine.  My workshop booth was called `Treasure Hunt.  Even before I was officially set up , children came and made crowns.  We soon found that they themselves are the treasures!  More and more `treasure` was revealed throughout the day and in the kindness and support of all of YOU!!  My original plan was to go into the park to look for treasure, but so much treasure just came right to me that I didn`t even have to look for it!
Then a great miracle was that, this year I was on the program to do Happy Dance to My Satellite Key`s guitar music, but an hour before our `stage` time, I still didn`t have a team and I needed at least 6 people to hold three long billow cloths that I planned to use to make the dance.  So a new friend Michi and her family and I and one volunteer set out to do it with one cloth, and went to practice in a quiet place on a grassy slope under the trees.  Then one `angel` saw us and understood that we needed more people for our team, and he kept going down into the park and bringing us up more and more people, so about 15 minutes before our `stage` time (the stage was actually a big circle of grass in the middle of the park), we had a great young team of about 12 people to start  out with!!  At last, and as we were the last act of the day, we could dance a Happy Dance to the beautiful songs played live by My Saty (Oita-based musician My Satellite Key) and wave the colored flags and have children run under the colorful banners as the newly created team raised them up to the sky!!

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To hear the songs played by My Satellite Key, you can listen here:!
Sprinklerスプリンクラー・My Satellite Key
Under the Rainbow(My Satellite Key)
White Spaceship白い飛行船/My Satellite Key
Glory Bridge栄光の架け橋(ゆず)・マイサテ&埋野ヒロカズ

ai ♡kawarazu

Sunday, May 10, 2015


After the gathering (see post below), I walked outside and there were many stalls set up selling Kobe foods and specialties, like an outdoor street festival.  I was heading back to the train home and didn`t want to load up on anything, and also was feeling so satisfied and `full` from the worship at the gathering, so I was just enjoying looking at the stalls and the colorful lively mood as I passed.  But one stall caught my attention completely and made me stall, to look at a man holding two giant GOBO! Gobo is Japanese burdock root.  Gobo is also grown where I live, so it wasn`t like I had to have Kobe Gobe in particular, but the two gobo were so big and earthy and they really did just root me in that place as I stared. The man was advertising his booth which made Gobo Stix (like french fries, made with Gobo).  He was selling them in small cups.  He asked if I`d like to buy Gobo Stix.  I said that I was interested in the Gobo, the root vegetables themselves that he was holding!  It seemed he wasn`t really having them for sale, but rather to advertise his raw ingredients, but he saw I was interested and asked did I really want to take them back to Oita, and I said I did, so he said, well, he thinks he could sell them for 400 yen (about four dollars).

So although I didn`t want to load up, here I was with two giant gobo on the way to get my suitcase from the hotel and head off to the train.  As I was holding them I smelled the earth and felt God wanted me to have them for some reason, maybe a blessing for the days at the gathering and an expression of bounty of the earth.  But then as I held them on the subway and then with my suitcase, I realized something else.  These are ROOTS, two roots.  At the gathering, there was talk of the Japanese people leading the nations of the world back to Israel as part of God`s plan for Japan. (yes! isn`t it exciting!).  I then realized God was showing me something about my roots with these gobo.

The two roots that I was holding represented my two roots, one my Jewish roots and one my new Christian identity which is rooted in Japan as I was baptized here on Japan soil one year ago!! How exciting that was to me, that I had a true Japanese roots in God`s eyes, and how they now were a part of me as were my Jewish roots which I tried to go away from when I came to Japan, but I was now brought back to them and to God through Christ.  I felt like a child, just smelling the earth and holding those roots, with this new understanding of where I came from and where I am now.  I rode the train and propped the  gobo in front of me, as the bullet train whisshed me back to Oita.  Tonight we are just finishing the last of the gobo, my daughter and I.  Gochisoosamadeshita!! (They were delicious).

(I am sorry to not have taken a photo of the booths outside where I saw the Gobo; I hadn`t realized that I would make such a big discovery with them!! but above are some photos of the gobo on my travels once I realized, and the drawing I made on the shinkansen back to Oita!)

ai kawarazu 
jgy                           & a Happy Mother`s day today!!

PS Here is a recipe I made twice it was so good!! Use `chunks` keeping the gobo thickly cut so you really taste the rootiness!!enjoy!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Corner View---Somewhere Else


Kobe, written in Japanese
 神(God) + 戸 (door)
God`s Door

It was my first time to go to Kobe city.  
Taking a shinkansen in Japan really makes you feel like you arrive `somewhere else` as the bullet train just whishes you such a long distance in no time at all from place to place.
Then, the purpose of my visit  to Kobe was truly to be here as
God opens the Door of Japan to his Kingdom,
 in a gathering of people from 24 nations, including many from Asia.
Children were blowing shofars, 
everyone was dancing, a beautiful worship team was singing, 

the flag of Israel and rainbow banners were waving,
all the messages were translated in three languages, and leaders were hugging and kissing on the stage---which is not the norm in Japan in a public event---so it truly had the feeling of somewhere else, as the Holy Spirit led the 3 days of the Kobe Homecoming Gathering, and the whole convention center was joined together as one big family!! 

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